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Enterprise Computing: HP Blades Tech Day – Roundup

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Here’s my roundup of all the posts, pictures, video and comments from the HP Blades Tech Day


The official hashtag for the event was #hpbladesday with hundreds of tweets being generated from the start of the Tech Day until now.

Bloggers’ Posts

By name order, here are the relevant posts from each blogger.

Presenters, Presentation Material, PR

Present from HP and blogging during the event:

HP presenters were:

  • Gary Thome – Chief Architect, Infrastructure Software and Blades (ISB), HP
  • Mike Kendall, Manager, HP Virtual Connect Marketing, ISB, HP
  • Mike Witkowski, Distinguished Strategist, ISB, HP
  • Mark Gonzalez, Nth Generation Computing
  • John Schmitz, Product Marketing Team Leader, ISB, HP
  • Bryan Jacquot, Software Architect, ISB, HP
  • Tom Turicchi, Engineering, ISB, HP
  • Joseph George, Client Virtualisation Business Lead, ISB, HP

Managing the Factory Express Tour were:

  • Denise Herdman, Supply Chain Operations Business Development Manager, Factory Express
  • Alex Irvine, Director of Supply Chain Operations, Factory Express

PR and herding the blogger cats was managed by Ivy WorldWide: Halley Bass and Tom Augenthaler did a fantastic job, as did the PR team from HP; Becca Taylor and Jason Treu.

Sincere apologies if I’ve missed anyone off; let me know and I’ll add them.  It was a great event, there is still more content from me to come.

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