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Who’s Doing Software Defined Storage?

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Without a clear definition, it’s difficult to answer the question posed as the title of this post.  Last time I mentioned Hitachi, VPLEX from EMC, Nutanix and SolidFire.  Since posting the last blog entry, I’ve had representations from Coraid (check out this presentation) and Zadara Storage (yet to be evaluated).  So who else is claiming SDS?  I’d be interested to know – feel free to add comments to this post with your justifications.  In addition, I thought I’d run a poll to see what features people think are associated with Software Defined Storage, as per the list of definitions on the SDS Wikipedia page.  Perhaps with a bit of validated background, then we can help to improve the definition.  So have a look at the Wikipedia page (which provides more details on each of the poll selections) and please fill out the poll.

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  • Paul

    I would now put VMware in that bracket with the acquisition of Virstor

    • http://thestoragearchitect.com/ Chris M Evans

      I think it depends on how Virsto gets integrated. Presumably they will use the technology to extend the VSA.


  • http://twitter.com/weis_randy Randy Weis

    What about DataCore? They virtualized storage some time ago, and have really advanced their product with 64 bit and Enterprise Server capabilities.

    • http://thestoragearchitect.com/ Chris M Evans

      I think Datacore are certainly in the running. I looked at their technology a few years ago. Time for an updated look perhaps.


  • http://twitter.com/simalam Sim Alam

    I have had a high level presentation from ScaleIO (http://www.scaleio.com/product) and it is worth a look. Scale-out storage using any sort of local disk and running on app servers or hypervisors.

  • http://blogstu.wordpress.com stu

    How about VSAs in general? LeftHand was early in the software storage solution space and is now sold under the HP StorVirtual brand. Wikibon has offered an alternative “Software-led Storage” definition – http://wikibon.org/wiki/v/Defining_Software-led_Storage

  • http://twitter.com/felix_xavier Felix Xavier

    I think that the real software defined storage is where you will be able to define storage parameters like IOPS, latency, throughput in software without having to hard wire set of drive to one volume to get the required performance. CloudByte is the only company provides such storage right now for all the access protocols. you may want to look at my blog at


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