IBM Storage “Rebrands”, But Only Partially


In what I can only describe as a “remarkable” announcement, IBM has taken a number of their lacklustre storage products and rebranded them, using the new name of IBM Spectrum Storage.  The title of the press release implies some new software has been developed but the majority of the new spectrum platforms simply appear to be renamed existing products.  The new ... Read More »

Flash In The Enterprise 2015 Report Now Available


This year I’m moving to producing more independent content and analysis through Langton Blue (my consultancy company).  I’ll be continuing to blog here however the content will likely change to be more technical while the blog at Langton Blue ( will become more business focused. The first of a series of independent reports has been published and is available for purchase ... Read More »

All-Flash Arrays – Call For Information (Updated)


It’s just over 12 months since I posted this spreadsheet on all-flash array comparisons, based on previous work from Calvin Zito and Vaughn Stewart.  I posted an update here but this is now woefully out of date and so I’m rewriting the comparison matrix and hope to have a new version online in February.  I’ve started contacting vendors but I’m ... Read More »

Latency Matters for (All-Flash) Storage Arrays


Yesterday NetApp announced the latest product in their interim EF-series all-flash array range, the EF560.  This new appliance claims to be faster and offer more performance than the previous model, as demonstrated by NetApp’s SPC-1 performance results and naturally the company seem quite pleased about it.  Although the EF560 isn’t the fastest platform available, it is the second best in terms ... Read More »

IBM Invented Everything in Tech

More Fun

I’m writing this blog post as a somewhat tongue-in-cheek response to various comments I’ve made over the years (and recently) about how IBM appears to have already created what’s new in tech, especially with reference to the mainframe.  I’ll re-emphasise the light hearted nature of this post as clearly IBM can’t actually have created everything, however they are a very successful hardware company ... Read More »

EMC, ScaleIO and The VMkernel


There’s been a bit of conversation recently on the intention of EMC to put drivers for their ScaleIO platform into the VMware ESXi hypervisor kernel.  The discussion was triggered by an article published in LeMagIT on 25 November 2014 by Christophe Bardy and subsequently picked up by The Register.  It implied that VMware and EMC were working together to integrate ScaleIO ... Read More »